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We are customer-focused. We are future-proof. We are pioneers in the world of textiles.

This is us

The textile industry is a complex and fast-changing landscape, presenting a range of challenges that require vigilant management and proactive solutions.

At KM.ON, a company specializing in smart software solutions for the warp and flat knitting textile sector, we understand the unique difficulties that textile businesses face, and we're committed to providing smart solutions that help our customers stay ahead of the curve.

We help textile businesses thrive in the digital age, and we achieve this by combining KARL MAYER's extensive experience in textile machinery engineering with cutting-edge technology to optimize essential processes and increase efficiency.

We believe that digitizing the shop floor is essential for the future of the industry, and we're excited to be at the forefront of this transformation.

Digitalize Your Business

We are developing innovative software products and modern, digital solutions and services for our customers so that they can achieve even greater success.

Our vision at KM.ON is that anyone can run a knitting company.

Maximilian, CEO

Our goal

Giving our customers a competitive edge, facilitating their daily production routine and helping them to generate more profit.


Our solutions

Made to optimize and streamline textile production processes. This includes machine monitoring and control systems, data analytics platforms, software applications for production planning and management as well as for the digitalization of the knitwear design and development process. These solutions aim to improve operational efficiency, increase productivity, enable better decision-making in textile manufacturing and accelerate the design-to-market workflow.

Our approach

Working closely with textile factory managers and owners to understand their unique challenges in order to develop a range of solutions that are tailored to the specific needs of the warp and flat knitting textile sector.

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