Digitalize your knitwear design process!

CREATE DESIGN is a software solution that digitalizes the entire process of knitwear design and development, effectively expediting the design-to-market workflow. By utilizing this software, you can effortlessly generate lifelike images of fully-fashioned knitted garments through simulation in any external 3D software.

What's new?

Explore STOLL's latest digital collection on CLO-Set! Download all the styles for free now: Digital Knitwear by STOLL
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Shape creation and grading

The integrated shape and grading tool assists you in the creation and customization of knitwear shapes.

  • Shape Library: make use of the various templates for different product types
  • Customization Made Simple: easily change sizes or create your completely individual shape
  • Easy Grading: Seamlessly expand your size range with our fast grading tool
  • Import and Export: Effortlessly bring in DXF shapes from other software or export yours for external use

Digital stitch development

Digital design means endless possibilities. CREATE DESIGN supports you through the whole design and stitch development process.

  • Browse for stitch inspiration in the integrated stitch library
  • Design your own digital stitches
  • Use the integrated stitch distortion function to preview the realistic outcome of structures and artworks
  • Generate, preview and save different colorways with your seasonal yarns and colors

Working with colors

Embrace the efficiency of creating your design digitally and minimize the need for physical color samples. Shuffle through our colorway generator which will effortlessly generate countless colorways.

Digital yarn creation

In CREATE DESIGN, you enjoy the flexibility of two dynamic yarn creation options: craft your yarn digitally or effortlessly scan a physical yarn. This dual approach unlocks limitless creative possibilities for your designs. Experiment with a library of standard and effect yarn types, capitalizing on real-time stitch simulation. Effortlessly recolor yarns to align with your seasonal collection colors, giving you full control and flexibility in your design process.

Export for 3D

Shapes and images from CREATE DESIGN can be exported for use in simulation in any 3D software:

  • DXF vector shapes can be sewn together to create a virtual garment
  • Stitch simulations images with stitch distortion and digital yarns
  • Texture maps for realistic knitwear simulation, e.g. alpha map, normal map and displacement map

Link to Production

CREATE DESIGN is also linked to production and accelerates the design-to-market process. Design programs can be sent to producers and used as a base for the machine program. Once the program is checked and processed by a knitting technician, the production can be started.

Demo Video

🚀 Discover KM.ON's CREATE DESIGN Software: Your Path to Efficient Knitwear Design 🚀

✨ Dive into the capabilities of our CREATE DESIGN software with our informative demo video. This tool is specifically tailored to streamline the knitwear design process, offering practical features for improved efficiency and creativity.

🔍 What You'll Discover:

  • Advanced Tools: Navigate through our software's powerful features designed to elevate your design process.
  • Intuitive Functionality: Learn how effortlessly your ideas can transition from concept to creation.
  • Speed to Market: Accelerate your design-to-market workflow, staying ahead in the fast-paced fashion world

💡 Why Watch?

  • Enhance Productivity: Find out how to make your design process more efficient.
  • Creative Freedom: Unleash your design potential with tools that understand your needs.
  • Competitive Edge: Be the first to market with innovative designs that set trends.

Watch our demo video to understand how KM.ON's CREATE DESIGN software can be a supportive tool in your knitwear design journey, enhancing your design capabilities in a realistic and achievable manner. Elevate your creations today! 🌟


Fast creation of digital design and shapes saving time


Delivers realistic images of fully fashioned knitted garments

Huge variety of digital design options 


Reduction of physical samples saves cost, labor and time

Increase sustainability due to less waste and a higher quality

Improved communication between designer and technician

How to get the Software?

System Requirements

Hardware requirements (Windows OS):

- CREATE starter kit with smart card and 3-month test license (50 € without tax)
- PC with Windows OS 
- installed latest CREATE DESIGN Software
- installed Microsoft Teams (or access via Browser)
- integrated camera, microphone and speaker for communication

+++It is highly recommended to use two screens for the training.+++


• CPU: Intel i5-6400 or AMD Ryzen 5 1500x

• RAM: 16 GB

• GPU: NVIDIA GeForce GTX 960 or Quadro P2200 
– ≥ 1 GB RAM
– DirectX 12 capable

• Display: 1920 x 1080 (Full HD)

• Storage: 10+ GB disk space

• Pointing Device: Three-button mouse


• CPU: Intel i7-9700K or AMD Ryzen 5 3600

• RAM: DDR4 32 GB or higher
• GPU: NVIDIA GeForce RTX 2060 or Quadro P4000

At least 4GB of video memory for high-res textures
Latest Nvidia drivers: GRD, Studio, Quadro-ODE

• Display: 2* 1920 x 1080 (Full HD) or 3440x1440 (WQHD)
• Storage: SSD, 20+ GB disk space

• Pointing Device: Three-button mouse


• CPU: Intel i9-9900K or AMD Ryzen 7 3800X

• RAM: 32 GB or higher

• GPU: NVIDIA GeForce RTX 2080 Ti or Quadro RTX 5000

At least 10 GB of video memory for high-res textures
Latest Nvidia drivers: GRD, Studio, Quadro-ODE

• Display: 2* 1920 x 1080 (Full HD) or 3440x1440 (WQHD)

• Storage: SSD, 20+ GB disk space

• Pointing Device: Three-button mouse



Learn how to use CREATE DESIGN with our user-friendly 2 days Webinar. Learn the essentials through practical examples, turning your knitwear ideas into digital reality. Just make sure you have a CREATE DESIGN license installed and sign into our KARL MAYER LMS to book your webinar. Click here!

(CET) European online courses available in English: 

  • May 15th – May 16th (application deadline April 24th, 2024) 
  • July 11th – July 12th (application deadline June 14th, 2024) 
  • October 16th – October 17th (application deadline September 25th, 2024) 

Course duration: 2 days 

Course fee: 560 € – excluding VAT 

Requirements: installed CREATE DESIGN license and booked training via LMS 

Training times (CET):  
Mornings from 9:30 to 12:00 
Afternoons from 13:00 to 15:30 


(EDT) US online courses available in English: 

  • May 15th – May 16th 
  • August 22nd – August 23rd, 2024 

Course duration: 2 days 

Requirements: installed Create Design license, minimum 4 participants 

Register: please get in contact with for registration. 

Training times (EDT):  
Mornings from 9:30 to 12:00 
Afternoons from 13:00 to 15:30 

Click here for a detailed course information!


Discover the Art of Digital Knitwear Design at Your Own Pace!

Are you ready to elevate your design skills and revolutionize your approach to knitwear creation? Our comprehensive course spans 12 engaging topics, meticulously crafted to immerse you in the world of design and shape-related functions within the software. Whether you're a seasoned designer or a budding enthusiast, this course is designed to cater to all skill levels. 

What You'll Gain from Our Course:

✅ In-Depth Knowledge: Dive into the intricacies of design and shape-related functions. 

✅ Hands-On Experience: Learn by doing with practical, real-world examples. 

✅ Digital Knitwear Mastery: Elevate your skills for stunning digital knitwear designs. 

✅ Flexible Learning: Access the training at any time, shaping your own schedule. 

 Repetition Encouraged: Feel free to revisit and reinforce your learning at your own convenience.

Click here to get access!
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On Site Training

If you would like to receive an exclusive onsite training please get in touch with



Plugin to V-Stitcher by Browzwear 

We are excited to announce that CREATE DESIGN is fully compatible with V-Stitcher by Browzwear, an expert for 3D fashion design software!  

With this powerful collaboration of software, you´ll be able to export all your textures and maps at once and import them into V-Stitcher for 3D simulation for a fast and realistic knitwear simulation. 

Check out our latest collection on Clo-Set 

Our data is compatible also with Clo3D. If you want to see some results just scroll through our newest styles on Clo-Set and stay tuned for further upcoming releases and events. Click here!

Easy Data transfer to 3D Vidya by Assyst 

Assyst's 3D fashion design software 3D Vidya enables you to develop digital apparel products, helping you to save samples, time and costs. With our Plugin from CREATE DESIGN to 3D Vidya you can easily import your textures and maps and create realistic 3D knitwear styles.  

Customer insights

In the collaboration with KM.ON, we were able to find ways to improve the simulation of 3D styles and in the same way work on the executables that helped to create accurate physical samples.

featuring, a subsidiary of Otto International Limited (Oi) that specialises in virtual product creation and 3D solutions. It has a wide variety of capabilities for various clothing categories. It provides exclusive 3D and virtual product development solutions for clothing and footwear, together with customized consulting services, to brands and manufacturers.

More information regarding featuring's collaboration with KM.ON

featuring provides dependable and effective 3D product design services to clients. The team possesses extensive expertise and is proficient in providing prompt and proficient solutions.

The featuring team offers a comprehensive variety of services, including design, 3D simulation, fabric virtualization, technical support, and A-Z solutions, catering to global markets.

Dongguan and Dhaka each have digital hubs. The digi-hubs prioritise 3D clothing simulation and fabric virtualization to enable industry experts to acquire and enhance their skills in creating 3D clothes. Digi-Hub regularly hosts events aimed at engaging local businesses and providing them with in-depth knowledge on 3D transformation.  The goal is to provide a dynamic and inventive atmosphere that fosters cooperation and knowledge acquisition.

3D Sweater Knit Challenge

featuring has tested 3D sweater knit technology since 2021. 3D sweater knitting is a complex and challenging task that requires skill and creativity, especially when working with digital tools. When beginning with 3D sweater knitting, both customers and vendors often have inquiries regarding how to accurately imitate the appropriate yarn, texture, and style on digital styles to validate their design idea.

Adapting the CREATE DESIGN methodology developed by KM.ON

Prior to commencing 3D sweater knit techniques, an examination and analysis were conducted to determine the desired features from the customer's perspective and the expectations of the vendor regarding 3D sweater knit.

– Accelerate the yarn and knit research process by substituting it with digital scanning.
– Reduce the quantity of materials and physical samples
– Streamline the presentation of several styles for style testing
– Compute and assess the style for rapid quotation
– Accelerate the development timeline
– Enhance the speed of product time-to-market

featuring's digi hubs two fully operational STOLL machines were very useful in finding ways to create physical samples and compare them to their digital twin. In the collaboration with KM.ON, featuring was able to find ways to improve the simulation of 3D styles and in the same way work on the executables that helped to create accurate physical samples. In this process featuring used STOLL Knitting's and KM.ON’s digital software CREATE DESIGN and CREATE PLUS. With the digital end to end process in mind the focus was on the smooth transition from data to 3D design software incl. Browzwear’s Vstitcher and later to the knitting machines.

Advantages during the development phase with KM.ON's design creation

In the collection development process, clients often request a substantial quantity of physical samples, including counter samples, photo shooting samples in all colour variations, at least two rounds of fitting samples, and a production sample.

In the season SS23 a client requested 55 styles to be developed using both digital and conventional methods. This was done to assess the potential benefits of digital technology throughout the creation stage. Ultimately, the buyer requested on receiving 20 real samples instead of digital ones. However, for the remaining styles, the pricing negotiation was conducted without the need for actual samples.

Based on this success and the adaption of 3D for the decision-making process the teams continued the work in the next season. The client further embraced the technology in their development process by using e.g. digital showrooms to review, comment and approve styles which further helped to safe recourses and reduce the dependency on physical samples. This collaborative process enabled with 3D and the use of a communication platform had a positive impact on the timeline. The Leadtime for the creation process of 47 styles was about 6-7 weeks, in contrast to the customary 11-12 weeks.

Figure 1 illustrates a comparison between digital methodologies and conventional methods in the context of AW23.

Adapting 3D and digital showrooms provides clients with additional tools to review styles before the physical sample is being produced, 360-degree views or animated simulations are just 2 options. The use of simulations on digital models provides clients with the opportunity to test garments before placing orders with vendors and even use consumer feedback to modify the designs.

Previous instances of digital twins

Figure 2 showcases an example of digital twins: a Pointelle hairy jumper.
Figure 3 showcases an example of digital twins: a Stripe in colour block polo dress outfit.

Instagram: @featuring_ltd

Facebook: @featuringltd


With CREATE DESIGN I finally have the possibility to visualize even complex knitted materials properly and apply my patterns directly to them.

Nina Doll, a dynamic freelancer in Digital Fashion and CGI, with a rich background in Fashion Design. After completing her Master in Fashion Design, where she first encountered 3D programs, Nina has specialized in blending her classical fashion knowledge with cutting-edge technologies. Her work focuses on creating visualizations that blur the lines between the physical and digital worlds. In her latest rendering, Nina aimed to visualize this fusion by combining a futuristic sculpt with knit textures. Challenging the notion of digital perfection, she embraced an oversized cut to enhance the natural feel of the knit, allowing for spontaneous volume and folds. Nina's innovative approach aligns perfectly with our ethos at KM.ON, where we continually strive to push the boundaries of textile technology.

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