Quality Monitoring System (QMS)

Next Gen Camera System based on AI

QMS is an AI-driven camera system that precisely inspects every inch of fabric during production. It identifies defects in real-time, automatically stops production, and alerts machine operators, ensuring consistent high-quality output, reduced waste, and optimized production performance.


Simple operation, fast notification

The QMS is designed for easy setup and can be operated without prior expertise. If a defect causes the machine to come to a standstill, the operator is informed immediately via a user-friendly interface. The immediate warning enables rapid intervention and therefore less downtime and more productivity.

Monitoring without unnecessary stops

Due to its conceptual design, the QMS only stops production when actual defects are detected. Unnecessary interruptions caused by external factors, such as changing light conditions, are avoided. This exceptional precision prevents productivity losses and helps to ensure continuous operation. Costs due to unnecessary machine downtime are avoided.

Defect detection with maximum precision and learning effects

Unlike conventional camera systems, the QMS detects even the most complex defects and triggers an immediate machine stop. This minimizes material waste. During operation, the AI-controlled system learns from the data to enhance its detection accuracy, thereby reducing the reject rate and costs.

The QMS also adapts to evolving production environments to ensure consistently high efficiency.

Our QMS is easy to use and extremely reliable. It avoids unintentional machine stops due to detection errors, but also detects quality defects that are difficult to identify.

Florian Wurzel, Cluster Lead Quality Assurance at KM.ON
Florian Wurzel
Florian Wurzel Cluster Lead
KM.ON GmbH Germany
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