The one-stop-shop solution for managing your warp knitting textile factory
  • of financial benefits per year!*

    * calculated for European pilot customer with 40 machines operating 3 shifts

DPM Features

Performance Report

Provides an overview of key data on performance of a factory. The performance of different shifts during defined time periods can be compared with each other.

Piece Report

Provides information on the production progress as well as estimated completion time of a piece (and a work order).

Quality Report

Provides insights on the quality of a produced piece incl. number of stops and their location, machine messages (e.g. yarn break or oil stain), their location, as well as changes in settings (speed change, yarn run-in change).

Article Management

All technical information required to produce a fabric can be found in an article: machine parameters (speed, efficiency, working width), fabric weight, chain notation, run-in/rack, yarn values, threading, etc. Articles can be created, edited, stored in DPM as well as used for production.

Machine Report

Provides relevant live data on your running machine: actual speed, actual output, time for beam change, actual yarn run-in and fabric take-up and well as progress of a piece in production.

Production Planning

Enables you to plan the production of your work orders and optimize the utilization of your machines.

DPM Benefits

Enhanced efficiency and agility

Make data-driven decisions based on real-time and historical data, enabling continuous improvements on a shopfloor. 

Lean processes on the shopfloor

By identifying bottlenecks and streamlining operations, DPM eliminates waste, increases productivity, and reduces costs.

Meeting sustainability standards

Optimize resource allocation, reduce waste, and enhance overall sustainability, aligning with industry standards and customer expectations. 

Reduced paperwork and labor expenses

DPM's digital solutions minimize manual paperwork, reducing administrative overhead and allowing personnel to focus on value-added tasks.

Fabric quality and production transparency

Real-time visibility into fabric quality and production progress empowers managers to proactively address issues, maintain quality standards, and ensure timely delivery. 

How is DPM integrated into your system landscape?

Customer approved!

The potential financial benefits for our customers' production are significant with the assistance of our innovative product, Digital Production Management (DPM). We ensured this through a collaboration with one of our pilot customers for our brand new software solution.

"The results are remarkable – improved efficiency, reduced downtime, and enhanced productivity." - Pilot Customer

Through streamlined workflows and optimized operations, our customer experienced seamless collaboration and faster decision-making across departments. Centralized data improved quality control and led to significant cost savings.

Yevgeniya  Nedilko
Yevgeniya Nedilko
KM.ON GmbH Germany
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