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Master the Change with KARL MAYER GROUP Solutions at ITM, 04 – 08 June 2024, Tüyap Fair and Congress Center Istanbul, Hall 3 Stand 303A

For KARL MAYER GROUP, Turkey is an extremely important market with numerous longstanding business connections and promising growth potentials. Accordingly prepared, the global player travels as an exhibitor to ITM at Tüyap Fair and Congress Center in Istanbul.

"In response to the economic challenges in the Turkish textile industry, we are intensifying our commitment to our local customers. We have founded a subsidiary in Bursa to provide even better support for our services. Our proximity to the market also helps us to optimise our production solutions to meet the needs of our customers. Our focus remains on providing advanced, efficient, high-performance machines that use digital solutions to increase productivity and reduce operating costs. We are here at ITM to assist our customers through the current difficult times and help them emerge stronger. This is also a personal concern of mine. I have built up close relationships with many customers over the years. Their success is very near and dear to my heart."

Arno Gärtner, CEO of the KARL MAYER GROUP

The KARL MAYER GROUP will be presenting itself here from 4 to 8 June 2024 in Hall 3 at Stand 303A as a competent partner that supports its customers in the change processes of our time. Accordingly, the motto of the comprehensive innovation show is "Master the Change". The solutions on show at the leading industry trade fair will focus on profitability despite rising costs, sustainable business practices, flexibility in the face of changing requirements, new business potential and reliable, stable operations despite a shortage of skilled labour.

New business momentum for the Turkish warp knitting industry

Warp knitting companies can look forward to new opportunities for their business development at KARL MAYER’ stand in Istanbul. The industry leader will be presenting selected solutions to support customers in a market that is as important as it is difficult. The focus will be on flexibility and speed.

One of the main exhibits will be the HKS 3-M ON PLUS. The tricot machine offers an exceptional, flexible product range and maximum speed - even with strongly changing yarn consumption. The all-rounder produces square marquisette items as well as robust shoe fabrics, also in coarse gauges, and works at maximum speed despite a wide variety of pattern changes, thanks to the ground-breaking Advanced Feeding Control (AFC) function.

A trendy textile show presents examples from the extensive production range of the HKS 3-M ON PLUS, including an article based on a square marquisette, which could not previously be reliably produced in the gauge E 18. Further textile innovations highlight new business opportunities in established and new applications. On show will be a brand new Seersucker-article from a TM 4 EL and trendy RASCHELTRONIC® items for fashion and sportswear, terry fabrics, curtains and corduroy fabrics for the home textiles sector, lace articles with a unique appearance for Lingerie and new textile solutions for the footwear sector, among others.

Customers can also look forward to a presentation of the latest Care Solutions products. The exhibition will focus on the Customer Portal, which gives users access to the digital world of the KARL MAYER GROUP, and the brand new Energy Efficiency Solution (EES), which supports warp knitting companies on their way to lower energy consumption and greater sustainability.

New trendy warp-knitted fabric from a TM 4 EL

Versatile solutions paired with a perfect price-performance ratio for the Turkish flat knitting industry

STOLL will be presenting at ITM four machine with maximum benefits for Turkish customers. On display will be a CMS 503 ki E7.2 and CMS 502 ki E3.5.2 - two representatives from the Economic range of the CMS series for the volume market - among others.

"The highly productive machines with an excellent price-performance ratio are extremely interesting for Turkish knitting companies. The manufacturers have to meet the special requirements of high-volume production of trend-driven articles under high cost pressure," explains STOLL Area Sales Manager Lutz Vogel.

Other machine highlights for the flat knitting industry include a CMS 530 ki BcW E7.2, which brings chic and variety to the production of technical textiles and thus stands out from the competition, and an ADF 530-32 ki FLEX E7.2, a brand new, highly flexible machine. The newcomer with almost unlimited production possibilities was already presented extremely successfully at ITMA 2023 in Milan. Its appearance in Istanbul is a premiere for the entire region.

In addition to the machines, examples from their production repertoire will be presented.

The textile innovation show has a special highlight in store for ITM guests: The new STOLL Trend Collection, which has just been completed, will be presented under the exciting heading "NOCTURNO".

CMS 502 ki
CMS 530 ki

More efficiency and sustainability for warp preparation

The focus of KARL MAYER’s exhibitions for the warp preparation sector is on the topics of cost-effectiveness and sustainability.

The brand-new system CASCADE offers customers a solution that enables them to significantly reduce steam consumption on sizing machines and dyeing systems. Depending on the process conditions and system design, a steam saving of around 7% is possible. For the denim industry, which is strongly anchored in Turkey, KARL MAYER has a media show for the BLUEDYE in its trade fair baggage. Thanks to clever technological details, the indigo dyeing unit is three times more efficient and two times cleaner than conventional counterparts on the market.

Other innovations for the warp preparation industry focus on machine availability. Smart Size Box is a technology that monitors the condition of wear components and therefore makes a valuable contribution to predictive maintenance. The customer benefits from significantly less unplanned downtime. In addition, a combined Care X-Tend and Connectivity Package for a next-generation after-sales service will be presented.

Further topics, which will be presented with information material, are solutions for maximum productivity: the MULTI-MATIC® 32 Compact warp sampling machine, which offers twice the productivity of the previous model without taking up more space and enables simple, fast pattern changes, and the LINK-MATIC® system as a sophisticated automation solution that considerably simplifies batch changeovers on indigo and sizing machines.

MULTI-MATIC® 32 Compact
Reduction of steam consumption on sizing machines and dyeing systems thanks to the new CASCADE technology

Rethinking civil engineering business with technical textiles: warp-knitted fabrics with weft insertion and non-crimp fabrics

The Turkish building and construction industry offers a wide range of applications for technical textiles. In particular, the construction work following last year's earthquake and a wide range of infrastructure projects require innovative solutions with high efficiency and low resource consumption. KARL MAYER Technische Textilien can offer these with the products from its machines, as will be demonstrated at ITM.

Machines from KARL MAYER Technische Textilien are used to produce textile concrete reinforcements, roofing materials and plaster grids that make construction and renovation easier, more environmentally friendly and faster. Other products include geogrids and composite structures for infrastructure projects, which offer various functions in one material with a sophisticated composition. One example of this is slope stabilization. The textile grids with or without a nonwoven enables the construction of steeper, safer embankments to optimize land use and reduce the disruption of a structure.

Textile products from the COP MAX 4 are also in demand in the wind power industry. The multiaxial warp knitting machine produces glass non-crimp fabrics for the reinforcement of composites, which set standards for rotor blades in terms of span widths.

Warp-knitted plaster grid
Warp-knitted geogrid

Maximum efficiency and product quality through smart digital solutions

KM.ON will be showcasing innovative digital solutions at ITM that enable textile companies to significantly increase the efficiency of their value creation and the quality of their products. The highlight of the presentation is the launch of two products: Digital Product Management (DPM), which massively simplifies management, leadership and planning in the warp knitting industry and thus enables considerable cost reductions, and the Quality Monitoring System (QMS), a revolutionary solution for quality management on warp knitting machines.

KM.ON's Digital Production Management (DPM) is a game-changer solution for the shop floor organization of warp knitting companies. It enables seamless monitoring and control of production processes in real time and provides production managers with deeper insights as a basis for optimizing operations. Bottlenecks can be identified and processes refined, resulting in significant improvements in terms of costs and product quality. The customer benefits from a considerable increase in efficiency. This makes the DPM to an essential solution for textile companies looking to future-proof their production processes!

Another KM.ON product focuses on the quality of the manufactured fabrics. The QMS is a brand new, revolutionary solution for quality monitoring based on artificial intelligence. It will initially be offered as a retrofit solution for tricot machines in limited quantities.

In addition to the two newcomers, KM.ON will also be showcasing CREATE DESIGN for the flat knitting industry. The software solution accelerates the development and design process of knitwear, and thus the workflow from the idea to the market launch. This is made possible by a set of sophisticated features, including a including a shape and grading tool for easier creation of a knit pattern and size sets, a toolkit for developing digital knit structures with a wide range of creative possibilities, a colour generator and flexible yarn creation options. The data from CREATE DESIGN can also be exported and imported into any 3D software, for example to create photorealistic images of fully knitted garments. This reduces the effort required to produce prototypes and articles for demonstration purposes, with benefits for the environmental and cost balance.

DPM from KM.ON, a game-changer solution for the shop floor organisation of warp knitting companies
QMS, a brand new, revolutionary solution for quality monitoring based on artificial intelligence

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